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December 2009 Blog Posts (17)

Shyne's Back... and working on a new album

Former Bad Boy/Arista Records recording artist, rapper Shyne, now a free man, is returning back to the hip hop scene just two months after walking out of prison in October ‘09 after serving eight years on a 10 year bid (sentence) for his role in a 1999 shooting at a Manhattan club in New York. The rapper is expected to be working with music producer Scott Storch who unveiled the news.

Storch, who is getting back on track himself after… Continue

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DJ Booth Album Review: Young Money's Debut

Review by Nathan S. for

Built on the back of Lil Wayne’s stellar success, the Young Money movement is Weezy’s attempt to follow Jay-Z’s blueprint (pun intended) and become not just a rapper, but an industry powerhouse. To that end he’s put together a mostly Southern-focused roster of artists who, with one notable exception, have yet to experience anything even remotely approaching their head honcho’s level of… Continue

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BEEF STEW: Raekwon, Benzino, and Royce da 5'9"

Raekwon has enjoyed the success of his Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. 2 album, and his workload has increased because of it. He recently sent Benzino a verse for his new song "Break to Build." Raekwon claims to have had no idea that the verse would be used for a diss track. He wrote via Twitter, "For the record, I wanna say I take no part in nobody's diss song. I just sent them a verse that's it. That's between them brothers. Keep me outta… Continue

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AZ Reveals Plans for Doe or Die 2

AZ wants the world to know that the back-to-back releases this past June of Legendary and G.O.D. (Gold Oil And Diamonds) were not intended to be viewed as part of the formal Visualiza discography.

“Them wasn’t albums; them was mixtapes,” AZ clarified to HipHopDX last Friday (December 18th). “I do wanna state that too, ‘cause everybody thought that [Legendary] was a album. I wouldn’t do no album without promoting – radio or something. No, no… Continue

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The Session presents...

Seshonizing in order of appearance: Klokwize and… Continue

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CLICK here to DOWNLOAD Wale's freestyle, "Thank You"

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The Session Presents: Truth, Illnigma, Thump (In order of appearance)

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Avril's Letter to Gov. Patterson

Here's Avril the Intern's recorded message to NY Gov. Patterson, asking him to pardon… Continue

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Clipse Discuss Direction of New Album

Seemingly low first-week sales, and a mixed reception from critics, hasn’t deterred one-half of the Thornton brothers, Pusha T, from touting the inarguably impressive performance of his big brother Malice throughout Clipse’s new album, Til The Casket Drops.

“That was good!,” Pusha exclaimed to HipHopDX recently when Malice’s clever quip regarding the business of music and its affect on Hip Hop from TTCD selection “Showing Out” was recited… Continue

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News Fix: G-Unit and Interscope

In an interview with XXL magazine recently, 50 Cent discussed the rap careers of G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo who left the Interscope record label a short time ago. “[People wonder], how do you fall out of the public eye? Because you don’t have any material that’s being marketed and promoted,” 50 explained. “Interscope is a system that’s in a different space…they got rid of sixty percent of their staff. But we’ll put [Banks and Yayo’s]… Continue

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NEW VIDEO: Rhymefest - "GIVE IT TO ME"


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new Souls of Mischief album reviewed: we report, you decide

After a nine-year wait, Oakland hip-hop group Souls of Mischief has released its fourth CD.

Since "Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution" came out in 2000, three of the four members have released solo albums, all four have released mix tapes, and they have toured extensively as a group and as solo artists.

The group is also part of a larger collective called Hieroglyphics, known for its three-eyed, straight-lipped face logo.… Continue

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What's Birdman gotta say 'bout Drake?

Cash Money millionaire Birdman discussed his new bread winner, Drake, and compared him to his main bread winner Lil Wayne. Baby says that Drake is undeniably a star, but has a long way to go before he reaches Weezy’s “best rapper alive” status, saying:

“Drake is already a superstar. That’s 20 years from now. Hopefully, he’ll be bigger. That’s what we’re striving for. We ain’t tripping. We’re working hard for him to be bigger than anyone else. We… Continue

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R.A. The Rugged Man Talks New Release

Since the early '90s, R.A. The Rugged Man (f/k/a Crustified Dibbs) has been recording dense Rap lyricism paired with top-notch production. Whereas the Long Island emcee's first release, Die Rugged Man, Die was all new material, October's Legendary Classics Volume 1 officially released material dating back as far as 15 years. In a conversation this week with HipHopDX, R.A. explained, "Even the people who have heard the songs, have never heard [them]… Continue

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If you're asking 50, Jigga thinks he's Jesus

50 Cent recently took more shots towards Jay-Z, saying more about how he disagrees with his business practices. 50 has been taking shots at Jay as of late and this has allowed speculation regarding Beanie Sigel joining G-Unit to grow. He also adds that Jay-Z made him not shoot his videos with Freeway.

"I think he completely has his best interests in mind," 50 told Rolling Stone. "When you commit to working with other artists -- I have to be passionate about it. Of course, you want to… Continue

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DOWNLOAD "Smoke DZA - Substance Abuse"

01. Intro (ft. June Summers)

02. Watch Me [prod. The Heatmakerz]

03. I Like Dreaming (ft. C-Zo)

04. Marijuana Kills Skit

05. Highway (ft. Devin the Dude & Eddie B) [prod. Rob Holiday]

06. Divine Music

07. Brownies Skit

08. Substance Abuse (ft.… Continue

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