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BEEF STEW: Raekwon, Benzino, and Royce da 5'9"

Raekwon has enjoyed the success of his Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. 2 album, and his workload has increased because of it. He recently sent Benzino a verse for his new song "Break to Build." Raekwon claims to have had no idea that the verse would be used for a diss track. He wrote via Twitter, "For the record, I wanna say I take no part in nobody's diss song. I just sent them a verse that's it. That's between them brothers. Keep me outta it."
For those of you who don’t remember Benzino, he is probably best known for his past beef Eminem. Benzino was once the co-owner of The Source hip-hop magazine, a founding member of The Almighty RSO and the Made Men. Reportedly Benzino recorded his song in response to Royce's "No Coming Back from That," scheduled to be on his next release Bar Exam 3. "I got a percentage of the team, you're a bench warmer," Benzino rhymes in his song. "How you in the hood without showing your face / These motherf***ers run the town, I'm controlling the state."

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