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NewZFix: Max B discusses his appeal with VladTV

The Boss Don, Max-B spoke with VladTV from prison to give him and his fans an update on his appeals process.

Max has been granted an appeal and at this point is waiting on his appeal court date. He could be back on the street soon if he's granted bail.

Max confirmed that he is officially out of his contract to Jim Jones and his debut album 'Vigilante Season' drops in September.

Biggavel says his previous jail stint has helped him deal with being locked up this time.

"I get love, it's a regular thing. I'm still Max, but I aint a rapper. I'm not doing what I do for a living, so I'm just in here fighting my case," Max says. I get along with n****s. I aint into nothing crazy. I just be chilling, doing my time."

Vlad asks Max how it felt when the judge read off that 75 year sentence.

"Let me straighten this out. I didn't get 75 [years] I got 40, they sentenced me to 40. I was a little devastated, but it was excessive, my time was excessive, my charges was excessive," Max explains. "I got total faith in my appeal, I will be back. It's gonna be even bigger now when I come back to life. Cause the odds are against me."

Max goes on to talk about his new lawyer, send shouts out to Tony Yayo for holding him down and sends a message out to the kids.

"I just tell the kids just pray, listen to your parents, do the right thing. Stay out of trouble, stay in school. This [jail] aint nothing to glamourize, this aint nothing for the glamour. This sh*t is real, I'm in here fighting for my life. I had a career going on, just in the snap of a finger your whole life can change for the worse. So tell the kids, Max-B will be back. I love all the kids, I love all the fans."

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