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Mc Hustle Road 2 Success Album Review by Detroit Raw Report

Mc Hustle Road 2 Success Album Review

Great musician are always great people much we like at them. The writers who moves us and sometimes undignified and self indulgent  we worry about what they say about us. sometimes we worry so much we cut the cd off in this case that well be a mistake.

Mc Hustle is not something a modern rap fan can afford to ignore. he was born a Born legend if you give him a bad rep he is going to make a art out of it and turn it around on you.If you send hate his way he is going to turn the hate in the rapid fire and  and repeatedly drop bums and start a world war 3 underground aim right back at you.

Mc Hustle grown with each album release why ll his sound and skills have evolved to the satisfaction and dissatisfaction  of his fans Mc Hustle Road 2 success well no doubt be remember the turning point in MC Hustle career where he evolves from from one of Detroit new under ground artist to a bona fide entertainer.

with all internet  radio station keep his songs in rotation you can find your self hummying to many of his songs during the day.makes its a cd can buy and want regret this year in 2011  

Mc Hustle Road 2 success is the 8th solo stdio album by Detroit underground internet king of rap. the album was originally name MC Hustle the return it was release Jan 1 2011 thew power house entertainment / born legendz record/ songcast/power moves promotion/songcast 

MC Hustle Road 2 success collaboration was more of the Power house family El heff , Meechy, noyz  the under cover , m. williams and features from super star artist Chris Brown , Hussan, and mac millier, the first single release from the album was MC Hustle fire 4 the streets which peak no 99 on billboard 100 .

MC Hustle broke onto the music scene in 2009 with MC hustle the come up a double cd that sold 20000 copies which set the platform for power house entertainment to be one on the next underground rap labels but he didnt stop there in 2010 we release countless mixtapes online free and then went back to itunes with power house entertainment present power house , and MC Hustle my life and a month later he release MC Hustle Power house coasting which had features from Max B, kodack , and lephty ,  and his power house family on deka records which sold 60000 copies online world wide underground and had producers like Dark child , hitman, mailman, and more but with a dis agreement in the contract after buy the cd back and cost of production and paying features mc hustle end it up with only a 1000 in cash then the cd shortly felt off but it only motivated  him to drop one of the hottest underground albums of the year in 5 magazine it was rated 7 out of 10 as one of the best cds to drop this year even tho some top artist have release dr dre and kanya west the list gos on thrack for track its not another album well beat it   

tracks 1 intro to dvd 2. fire 4 the streets 3. douchem ft El heff 4 blood diamond produce by hussan featuring mac miller 5 world war 3 6.hood bang ft El heff 7. born legendz ft El heff 8 i aint holding back ft chris brown and m williams 9. so lost ft fla the ripper 10 we in hear ft meechy ,11 whats poppin 5 , 12 skit sign your soul 13 i dont want that bitch ft meechy 14 mess me with that bulls hit , 15 heartless ft El heff , 16 letter 2 denise 17 that want me to fell 18 outro freestyle with one extra track the hit oh no ft Noyz the under cover mix by dj split image

overall this is easily MC Hustle best album still not a perfect album but definitely   his strongest performance yet 

Album information

Release  Jan.1 2011

genre hip hop , rap

label Power house entertainment/ born legendz records / power moves promotion/ songcast

ex producer Tory love 

co producers jayson charmbers and hitman

recored it and mix and mastered at power house studio by tory love

copyrights under bmi 

design by tory love not that we didnt want to go with a more flossy cd cover just want to bring the cover back to the old school days when it wasn't about the cover it was about the music 

song order by tory love and aaron eaton

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