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Klokwize: The F.U.N Tape


Finally Understanding Nothing

presented by TheSession.NET


1. Top of the World (feat. DayDay)

2. Some of Us (feat. Milo Sheff)

3. Get Busy (feat. Prime Ex)

4. All the Right Reasons (feat. LogiKIL)

5. Beautiful World

6. I See You

7. All I Know (feat. Birdcall)

8. Give It 2 Her (feat. LeXhail & illnigma)

9. You Know I Know

10. Top Down (feat. G Dot O)

11. LOUDER (feat. Immortal TK & Ace


12. Cam


Following the success of his live-band fusion 'The Klokwize EP' national indie hip hop veteran KLOKWIZE releases this free gift for longtime listeners and new fans alike!

Finally Understanding Nothing, aka 'The F.U.N Tape', is about the dark side of 'the come-up'. Equal parts tour diary and sign of arrival, it finds Klok in the best form of his career with an all-star cast of the Northeast's finest emcees and producers. With tracks like 'Cam' and 'Get Busy', the back-to-basics approach wins instantly while still keeping the cohesive, soulful sound Klok has been lauded for. A tour-de-force throughout, The F.U.N Tape is a grand introduction to the man born Patrick James, as well as a feast for fans. Hosted by TheSession.NET

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